Burners Of A Backish Nature

Over at the MTV Movies Blog they provide an update on various of Whedon’ projects, including Goners. It’s short and bittersweet.

On the one hand, Whedon says the project “has gotten backburnered”. However, despite that, and despite intimations in a number of statements that he perhaps has been less than pleased with the studio process on the script, he also is quoted as saying this: “I still have hope for it, though.”

Whedon once told us that he was writing a script for a movie, which he called a “very personal thing about human connection and questioning whether there is such a thing at all.” It was to be an original story, a horror fantasy, “a little darker than I’m used to,” about a young woman who gains some powers. “Not something I’ve written about before,” he joked, “but I’m excited to try some new territory.” Universal, however, has not been quite as excited just yet, as “Goners” “has gotten backburnered,” Whedon said, meaning it’s still in development. “I still have hope for it, though.”

Image of a back burner courtesy Elizabeth Lloyd via the specified Creative Commons license.