So It Can Be Free Again

Since the last time this site was active—nearly three years ago now—Whedon has said a couple of more things about Goners.

Most recently, he had some lengthy remarks about both the movie itself and its status at an appearance at the Sydney Opera House in August 2010.

Goners was typical of my career. I wrote it, was very excited by it, had a lot of heat, sold it… into the vault never to be seen. Yeah, I was talking about that when Serenity was going up because I was going to make it at Universal, but, err, that didn’t really happen did it?

Not really sure what to say about it. It’s about a young woman with “special powers” and she gathers a group of people with “special powers”, they conflict, in the end they work together. Wait a minute, I do suck. Wow, it’s weird to realise that in this room.

No, it probably was as close to myself, what I’ve been describing of myself today, as anything I’ve written, because the lead character Mia is painfully shy and very much alone and it’s a movie that is all about being alone, which is ultimately the thing which I’m writing about all the time. And it’s also a horror/action/super awesome thing.

It may not be dead, It may not be entirely dead. The producers that were attached to it still are attached to it emotionally, and the regime at Universal has changed, and I actually met with them recently and they were saying, “You know, you’ll be finished with the Avengers in ten or twelve years, so why don’t we revisit this.”

So, keep your fingers crossed.

Before that, back in a September 2009 interview with Blastr (still SCI FI Wire at the time), he made something of a plea to the studio.

What about Goners?

Whedon: I wish I could say something about Goners. Universal, release Goners into the wild so it can be free again.

I use these two updates as a way to re-launch What Is Mia Made Of, in the hopes that with the wide-ranging attention and mainstream appeal of the Avengers, the long and frustrating banishment of Goners into develoment hell might, at last, in the coming years, come to an end.