The Light Of Day

Was just reminded of another item that of course didn’t get linked here during this site’s absence. Back in January of this year, Blastr listed seven Joss Whedon projects they imagine will never be seen, including Goners on the list.

Goners, written after Serenity wrapped, sounds a bit like the way Buffy started, with a female character, Mia, who encounters horror in the real world but combats it with a strength she’s learning to use. Words Joss has used to describe Goners include “dark,” “darker” and “horrific.”

Joss has said he envisions Goners as the antidote for torture porn and called it “inspirational.” If anyone could merge heartfelt positive emotion with mutilation, it would be Joss.

Joss announced this “fantasy thriller” in September 2005. I’m writing this in January 2011.

What happened?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what pushed Goners to the back burner, but other projects obviously got in the way. However, someone at Universal Studios had real intentions to make this movie: an official website,, was created but was later taken down without comment.

Goners’ IMDB page once stated that the movie would be released in 2010; currently, it says the movie will be released in 2011, which is unlikely, considering Joss’ current commitment to The Avengers.

However, Joss was quoted as saying that he wants to return to Goners after he’s finished with The Avengers. Whether it happens remains to be seen.

One thing in the above that’s decidedly wrong: the referenced website was a fan site, not an official one. Hopefully Blastr‘s contention that Goners is a project that will never happen will prove to be just as wrong.