Shitty Movies

Speaking during the Savannah Film Festival, Ron Meyer — President and COO of Universal Pictures — had a number of candid things to say about the quality of that studio’s recent output, summing it up thusly: “We make a lot of shitty movies.”

This site would like to humbly suggest that one way to avoid this alleged problem would be to pull Goners out of the development hell into which the studio so ignominously sent it. Then again, given his self-criticism about how poorly they’ve handled other productions, perhaps that’s not the best idea?

I’m taking no position on his observations here, but if for the sake of argument we take them at face value, if he’s correct about their mishandling of so many recent productions, maybe unshelving Goners isn’t enough.

Instead, Meyer could simply choose to free it, thereby allowing it to pursue production elsewhere. That wouldn’t much help with Meyer’s charge against his own studio, but it would at least get things moving again.