Flashback: January 2006

Recent comments led me to a Total Film piece not previously mentioned here, as it’s from January 2006, prior to this site’s launch.

But what of this idea that Goners might go first? “Universal’s Mary Parent has it. She’s been setting up and working on it knowing that I was finishing my draft of Wonder Woman. But she and I are going to sit down soon and thrash out the work that needs to be done on that, and it really is going to be a case of, ‘which draft is in better shape? Who is ready to pull the switch?’ and then I’ll do whichever. Goners has been very close to my heart for years. Wonder Woman is something I’m in love with as well. I can’t lose!”


Whedon is fairing better this year, with The Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers opening, his micro-studio working up Much Ado About Nothing and In Your Eyes, progress toward Dr. Horrible‘s follow-up, and apparent movement on Wastelanders with Warren Ellis.

Image of directing traffic courtesy Daniel Guy via the specified Creative Commons license.