‘That Was Definitely Going To Happen’

Remember the flashback to which I recently linked? Based upon his answer to a question about Wonder Woman from today’s Joss Whedon AMA on Reddit, I’d guess the pain lingers.

They never really told me. But by the time it was looking grim, I was so burnt, and so excited about my next project, Goners, that was DEFINITELY going to happen, that I didn’t mind.

And, no, Wikipedia, that “definitely” was not an announcement that Goners is moving forward. It’s a sarcastic remark about both projects having collapsed in somewhat rapid succession.

If you’d like to read the entire AMA, you can wade though the entire thread or just read his answers (click “context” on any one for the question at hand).

For the record, I didn’t succeed in getting an answer on the matter of buying back Goners from Universal Pictures.