‘There’s Something About This That Hasn’t Been Expressed Yet’

This is supposed to be a dormant archive site, but since BuzzFeed snagged a bit of an update, I’ll add it here.

Whedon’s fantasy horror thriller project with a female lead protagonist has remained dormant for years.

“Every now and then, it crops up in my head. A lot of my stories that I’ve told, I’m like, I’m past that stage of storytelling, or I got it out of my system, and it’s hard to work up the energy to go back. Every now and then with Goners, I’m like, there’s something about this that hasn’t been expressed yet. But I can’t think about anything that involves a number of people. The central character, it’s really her story. But then she really falls in with this, dare I say, team. And I’m just like, Can I please do something that just isn’t that. I’m so tired! So it’s another question mark. Most of these are question marks, sorry! But with exclamation points, and smiley emojis!”

Image of mouth taped shut courtesy Jennifer Moo via the specified Creative Commons license.