About This Site

What Is Mia Made Of is a website wherein Bix Frankonis wrote about Goners, a Joss Whedon motion picture languishing deep in development hell at Universal Pictures.

Its title is a very obscure inside reference to a website about the movie Serenity which was called River Is Made Of Chocolate, itself a reference to an edition of the web comic Penny Arcade which spurred an ongoing series of fake spoilers for that movie. Something of a new, and coincidental, perspective on the title arose when, in February 2006, Whedon described the movie as being “in the Buffy-mode of discovering strength”, bringing to mind the notion of finding out what one’s made of.

After a nearly three-year absence, the site was revived in 2011, primarily due to remarks Whedon made during a visit to Australia in August 2010 in which he suggested that Goners might be revisited after he completes work on The Avengers. It then lay dormant again from 2012 to 2015.

In the event that Whedon no longer says much of anything about the movie itself—since arguably he’s said just enough over the years—this site primarily will serve as an archive.

Neither this website nor its author has any affiliation with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Inc., Universal Pictures, or any other rights holder.